What to Expect?
Attire for this treatment involves comfortable workout clothing. The setting is a private home Studio with a serene ambiance accessible through a separate entrance. Our session begins with a conversation to gain insights into your unique needs. I'll observe your movements, and you'll become attuned to your range and limitations. Following this, we'll engage in a tailored combination of hands-on support, incorporating both table and floor work to address your specific requirements.
What Sensations Can You Expect Throughout the Session?
You might experience sensations in various parts of your body, including areas not directly targeted. Occasional feelings of dizziness or light-headedness may occur as the body undergoes changes, which is a normal response. Emotional reactions or releases may also occur. Expect to witness improvements in your range of motion. 
What Benefits Have I Gained from All of This?
I am now free from the discomfort of lower back pain, the persistent years of hot flashes have significantly diminished, my skin has undergone positive changes, and my energy levels are excellent. The issue of a bloated belly is no longer a concern, and my mental clarity has improved, reducing forgetfulness even as I age. Overall, I find myself happier, more adept at managing a full spectrum of emotions, and unapologetically pursuing what I love in life. I wholeheartedly desire the same positive transformation for you!
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