I'm 58 years and I no longer suffer from low back pain since a teenager, hot flashes, my skin more collagen, my energy is excellent, no more bloated belly, my brain is clearer, I remember more, am happier, am more capable of dealing with my full range of emotions to unapologetically be doing what I love in life.
…. AND I WANT THIS FOR YOU!! I had open heart, hernia, and breast cancer surgery, I tore ligaments in my left knee, had a severe hamstring tear, plus other physical injuries and traumas along the way. I have struggled with anxiety, emotional trauma, and burnout. This all led me to my self-healing journey.
I was a hands-on practitioner for over 3 decades. My focus was always client centered Manual Therapy techniques. I focused on getting the best outcomes and was very successful. After a while, I burnt out as I was doing all the work for my clients. Most people would go home and return to their own patterns and problems. This load of responsibility I put on myself for creating other’s well-bieng lead to stressful, addictive lifestyle and frequent emotional upheaval.
I started seeing numerous practitioners to help me over the years and I come to realize that the healing starts within. One of the most profound parts of my healing has been with my emotions and the connetion they have with our body. I learned what my body was saying to me and now I'm here to assist in what your body is saying to you.


Let's Tranform Together!