To inspire us to transform together, so that all may live fun and more energized lives.

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Meet Julie
Julie Ottoborgo has been teaching SPIN Classes for 17 years. She started teaching ON-line in 2020 as a result of the pandemic and loves it. As a healthcare practitioner and a life-long fitness advocate she strives to create the most benefit from exercise while minimizing cost to the body. This is from where SPIN- Flow classes evolved. Spin-Flow is a fun, high energy, go at your own pace, non-competitive class for all ages who have some baseline cardiovascular health.

Dynamically, Julie offers 1:1 hands on sessions,  and Fascial Maneuvers classes. With over 3 decades experience as a RMT (registered massage therapist) she incorporates Fascial Maneuvers and their hands-on adaptations and wisdom to facilatate healing to all she touches.   Let's get inspired, energized, and fueled to transform together!
Let's Transform Together...
Julie is a playful instructor here to create the best possible experience for us in order to get out of old pain patterns, reduce our reaction to stress, and move with greater ease.

She strongly emphasizes and teaches us how to take care of ourselves, so that life just works better. She teaches everyone to learn how to move like kids again! She believes fitness and health are lifelong journeys. Get ready for a unique experience.

Start your fitness transformation today!