Where is our session & what's included?
Welcome to a serene home studio with a private entrance and hard wood floors, located in Toronto.The session includes an over-review of your goals. We will observe the unfoldings of your range of motion, as we a tailor a unique combination of hands-on techniques to address your specific needs. Please, wear comfortable workout clothing, we will be barefoot. Shifts are immediate, let's get ready to feel lighter than ever!
What Sensations Can You Expect Throughout the Session?
Various sensations can show up in both to areas we touch and not. Sometimes people feel light or light-headed. Sometimes people feel high or really dizzy. Stored emotions or memories might surface. Changes in body temperature. All these are normal responses for the body to say it's changing and adapting.  Experience and witness the unfolding of improvements in how you walk, look, and feel. 
How will I feel afterwards?
Many possibilities! It takes up to 72 hours for the body to integrate. It is most common to feel sleepy. When out of stress, we are safe to rest. In some cases, people are very reactive to their boundaries, letting out anger, anxiety, and unprocessed emotions. In some cases, symptoms of fever, and excretion of bodily fluids. These are all normal and are signs the body is flushing out what no longer serves. Some simply jump straight to feeling energized, fueled.