• Experience genuine motivation from someone genuinely invested in your outcomes.
  • Engage in a non-competitive and fun-focused environment.
  • Embrace positive challenges that contribute to your growth.
  • Acquire fluid cycling skills for enhanced comfort on the bike.
  • Discover joy through music and my personal sharing with you.
  • Benefit from improved flexibility and injury prevention through Fascial Maneuvers.

The class includes 45 Minutes of SPIN followed by 15 minutes of FASCIAL MANEUVERS.
Fascial Maneuvers is an innovative movement practice dedicated to unwinding stuck fascia which is the connective tissue web that envelops our bodies and constructs structure and movement and emotion. Through this practice participants unlock greater flexibility, strength, and a sense of well-being through specific movements and breathing.
This class is designed to motivate you to get up in the morning, put something on, hop on your bike and most importantly, take care of yourself to start your day!

Passionate about teaching and spreading contagious enthusiasm, the instructor Julie is dedicated to crafting the optimal experience for individuals, aiming to help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals. Julie's goal is to inspire and motivate others to engage in healthy movement practices.

Choose between a spin bike or a road bike with a trainer, and utilize the Zoom app on your computer or phone. Make sure to have a towel on hand for your session and water for hydration. 

Emotional sensations, fatigue, relaxation, and changes in pain may all be experienced during and after the session.
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