I was so excited when I heard that Julie was starting an online spin class. I thoroughly enjoy her in-person classes, and the virtual ones are the next best thing. Our group has a mix of riders at all different levels, but Julie's energy, attention to detail, and personal encouragement make sure that we all get what we need out of it. I especially appreciate the time and effort she takes to choreograph each class with the right song and spinning drills. I've done some of the 'canned' virtual classes you see online but they are just not the same! 

Spin participant

 Julie’s zoom Spinning classes are the closest thing you can get to spinning in person. She leads a rigorous class to fantastic music and pays attention to each cyclist, making individual suggestions on posture, breathing etc. And the 15 minutes of Fascial Maneuvers at the end of the class are thorough and helpful. I highly recommend her class to anyone who loves cycling and wants a great, personalized workout. It’s a great way to start your day. 

R. K.
Spin participant

 Thank you Julie for bringing back some normal in these difficult times. So happy to be able to spin again with a spin family! Your tunes are always awesome and the class makes me sweat, laugh, sing and burn a silly amount of calories. I feel great and the healthy momentum stays with me all day. 

Tanya J
Spin participant

 Julie's on-line spin classes have been a godsend for me as, since the Columbus Centre closed these classes, I have neglected getting good cardio workouts and saw my fitness deteriorate. Its great to have the discipline of a regular class time with Julie's cheerful encouragement and others attending to get me back into a healthier routine. It's definitely worth spending some time and resources to figure out and set up a bike trainer and zoom access to get these benefits!" 

Spin participant

 Julie is fantastic! She really knows her stuff. I always leave there feeling great! 

Dino Bozzo
Hands on Treatment - Google reviews

 Julie works her skilled magic every time I need her. Its a gift to have found someone so knowledgable and caring. Truly brings you positive results. 

S. F
Hands on Treatment - Google reviews

 I used to travel to Barrie from Toronto for the only chiropractor that was able to help with my neck issues.. I no longer do. Julie is amazing. Helped with my neck back and knee issues . I no longer have to Barrie. 

Sabrina Falotico
Hands on Treatment- Google reviews

 Amazing treatment and amazing woman! :) highly reccomended 

Hands On Treatment- Google reviews

 Julie is the best R.M.T. in Toronto! 

Philomena Meffe
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